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The USHIN Concept

The USHIN Concept USHIN suggests a way to bring information and people together with the goal of meeting needs. There are linguistic, social, structural and technical aspects of the concept.

What will USHIN do for me?

USHIN will let you:
Select sources of information you trust
See all your options
Filter out what you don’t want
Hone in on your specifics
Pick sources you like
Set your own rankings and ratings
Compare any element comprehensively
Uncover biases
Cross reference anything
See who supports what & why
Get facts that meet your own criteria of proof
Share your input as you wish
Choose whatever community or other sources

Make your group an USHIN Source!

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Compassionate Perspectives

USHIN is an extension of Marshall Rosenberg‘s Non Violent Communication for the internet. When feelings and needs are elements of communication we form bonds of understanding that promote compassion and rapid solving of problems.

For comprehensive understanding, USHIN includes thoughts, such as opinions or recommendations, facts/events and actions, to provide an open, deliberative context for feelings and needs.

Every piece of information published in USHIN starts a free, open, inclusive conversation that lets anyone compare anything, including sources of information and courses of action.

People see feelings, needs, thoughts, facts/events and actions from different perspectives and set merit for themselves - according to how well any input meets human needs, from their perspectives.

USHIN will promote open awareness and connection, as a “people’s platform”, to let individuals speak freely, privately, and meet human needs directly.


USHIN puts human needs as the basis for all input. The system itself will meet unmet needs for privacy, choice, awareness, inclusivity, objectivity, understanding, efficiency, trust - and set up a way to prioritize meeting all unmet needs, comprehensively. At the base of all USHIN input is the option to enter a need being met by publishing that particular input. Thus needs for healthcare, food, housing, safety and other basic human requirements of life will be given weight by others. The most vulnerable among us, and the most urgent issues, will take their place as priorities upon which to deliberate actions, in full view of influences placed upon these topics by the variety of participating sources.



USHIN will be a simple way to find, compare, trust and share information – no matter the platform or device you use.


USHIN will be free of cost and free of mind – with no strings. You choose what yo uahandle and publish your own, from cooperative sources you choose.


You will enjoy private control of one’s own information and selection of intermediaries, with default encryption over distributed networks of known nodes.


The system will be developed by an open cooperative, with open source technology to be licensed with open permission for development. The system will be open to uncensored data as well as open to publishing any filters that help you find what you want, and hide what you don’t want. USHIN openly distributes the shared data among cooperative sources who publish and care for the information on the network.


Any group that agrees to the cooperative tenets can be an USHIN information source.  Though each source publishes with its own bias, the cooperative system includes all voices in the deliberation of any topic, and does not censor any topic.


Sources cooperatively share responsibilities of running the system and offer free USHIN tools for their own members and visitors. Sources offer USHIN tools, publish members’ and visitors’ input, and co-manage their members’, and their own, segments of the shared USHIN database.


Sources of information vett their authors and agree to respond to requests about what they publish. Sources are elements themselves, exposed to public display of relations among themselves and other sources and elements, input by others.  All public elements are open for comparative analyses by anyone else in the system.


All input is sorted into basic elements of human communication to promote understanding of different perspectives, honor individual distinctions, and reveal influences. Users choose among to calculate merit for themselves. The tools help get to the point and point to action.


 USHIN will embody cooperative values with open, voluntary membership, egalitarian democratic input, and respect for autonomy for the benefit of the community inclusively.  The concept will ideally take form as a cooperative public information exchange utility promoting use USHIN tools to publicly deliberate policy and actions.


Hosting an USHIN widget on your app or website offers a portal to your segment of the USHIN shared database, with basic tools, for your members and visitors.

 Cooperating sources each house and maintain their own segments of the shared database.
the input they’ve published for their members and visitors, and the topics and sources related to their own concerns.
USHIN input is limited to a few characters of code sandwiching text. Only text and links pass into the network and tose filters that sources offer for their members and visitors. Distribution of data reduces risk of loss by duplication, checks for consistency, and provide security and scrubbing at each node as it goes. The most secure nodes provide direct network service. The USHIN collective will deliberate security protocols and sources will offer filters to edit input from certain other sources. Source autonomy dictates that breaches by independent sources will remain an annoyance. Layers of source filters, user filters and crowd editing keep out undesired sources and topics.

USHIN will be flexble to bridge current collaborating platforms, devices and protocols to accept all sorts of communications processes into the future.


Research, comparison, analysis, vetting, communication and organization with visual USHIN tools is quick and fun.



User Control of Findings

Input is sorted out when input so it’s easy to hone in on specifics, filter out junk, and turn your search into a request, if what you seek is not  yet there. Ushers help relay info to and from appropriate sources and meet user needs.


Cooperative Organization

Similar input from different information sources show up side-by-side according to your choices & rankings for intuitive analysis and cross-referencing different perspectives.


Privacy & Vetting

Community, expert vetting of sources & input plus your filters protect you. Related  input from others shows up, & all input connects to sources for validation and clarification.


Reference & Communication

Connect privately or publish widely.  Simplify all you do with your favorite platforms and apps for understanding & connection through a combined reference and communication system.


with unlimited topics in response to the urgency of current information and referral needs.
The USHIN tenets of personal privacy, comparative choice of vetted information,
and direct source responsiveness are not limited to any one issue.
USHIN tools are being developed for open and free use by everyone.

Insurers and provider groups led the movement to develop medical systems and standards mostly from a payment perspective. Although USHIN could provide a structure upon which medical records may be input and facilitate exchange among secure medical silos, USHIN is concerned primarily with public communication for health education, and general information, including products and services, which lack connection to individual identifiers.]

Markers of Success – or Proposal?
U2U2U database will be www.ushin.net will be, among others, a recognized portal to the entire updated collaborative database.
USHIN will garner the intellectual support of highly respected leaders who recognize the potential of the USHIN system to further meeting human needs for everyone. Those leaders will use the USHIN prototype to discuss all elements related to their priorities of topics and ranking of related elements.The USHIN prototype serves to meet communication and deliberation needs of early USHIN advisors and initial ad hoc collaborating groups.USHIN tools will be used for deliberation of strategies and demonstrate comprehensive inclusion of all perspectives related to a broad spectrum of problems with transparent weights and measures and analyses that suggest actions that meet human needs for all, including those disenfranchised in current systems.Merit, that is defined in USHIN as meeting needs  most lnerable raised as indicators of system success,as determined by a consensus of related sources, most weighted, those who’s needs are met, from a variety of aspects and perspectives. USHIN will be recognized as a universally recognized system of open inclusiveness and neutrality.USHIN will be the first collaborative and transparent communication system for people to quickly and privately find, compare, and validate specific health information.  USHIN will be included as a menu option on browsers along with Google, Wikipedia and other portals. USHIN will be the method of choice for those seeking information of importance requiring ease, privacy, guidance, expanded options, specificity, discrimination and or connectivity in context with other other elements.

USHIN tools will work seamlessly  with a variety of interfaces and and participant options options retain full control of branding, content and filters they offer their site visitors.

USHIN will evolve into a deliberative democratic and inclusive system
to meet everyone’s needs simply and efficiently.
“USHIN” will be more than a household word,
but a catalyst for cooperative manifestation of  a more just and healthy world for all to share.



U2U2U brings personal data together.

One of the first displays of USHIN tools is the time-saving productivity app, “u2u2u”, for rapid and private finding, comparing, sorting and handling contacts, events, tasks and messages among common platforms and systems. It is currently in development.

U4U brings USHIN together.

The U4U prototype will let people test USHIN tools to deliberate and act on any and all topics related to the USHIN concept, such as social, business and technical issues that affect the development of the system toward its purpose: to help people meet human needs.

Sources bring groups together.

Sources of information each do their part to publish, filter, and take care of the shared database and offer USHIN Tools for their own members and visitors.

USHIN brings sources & elements together.

The universal shared information network invites all groups to promote their own interests and provide a space, free to everyone, to collaboratively build a free, open, inclusive, communication and reference system that sorts out the elements of speech so that information is maximally useful for meeting needs.

Elements bring meanings together.

Eight elements together complete a message:

EVENTS - dates, places & experiences, cited facts...
THOUGHTS - suggestions, opinions, analyses...
SOURCES - people and groups responsive to input...
FEELINGS - human emotion or motivation...
NEEDS - essential life serving necessities...
ACTIONS - next up to do...
MERIT - synthesis of each input's value...
TOPICS - anything else...

USHIN Tools bring it all together anywhere.

USHIN tools are a set of icons representing elements of communication and markers to rank, rate and edit and manage those collaboratively. Sorting and marking information with these tools lets us find, compare, trust and share them effectively.

A few of the tools are introduced with the personal app U2U2U. Others are included in the U4U prototype, as it develops. When the system is fully implemented the tools will be available on all services and platforms.

USHIN tools will let us quickly find, compare, evaluate and share information. By synthesizing bits of our own lives and coordinating topics among groups we will maximize understanding and efficiently take actions that meet needs for all.